Mar 15 is now live! The blog of Tom & Fi’s travels across the globe.

We are pleased to announce that firstly, we are going travelling, like…pretty soon! And Secondly, our lovely website to accompany us is now live!

We first conceptualised the idea of creating our very own personal travel blog, when researching potential generic blogging platforms to use whilst we were away. They all frankly looked a bit bland, especially for two people with design skills to hand. So we wanted to create a blog that was personal to us, reflected our styles and one we would take great pleasure in updating. We had a good idea what functionality we wanted to integrate and are excited to share it! ┬áSo let’s talk through a few of the simple features it has to offer (Mum’s, listen carefully).

Home page

Here you will find a nice little overview of everything you need to know about our travel experience. Check out our ‘not to scale’ journey via the big map. This links to the various destinations we are going to. By clicking these, you can visit the posts directly. Below the map, you’ll see our most recent blog posts and some big badges which hold even more of our blog posts behind them. You’ll have to remain patient though. This is an ever evolving site, so there might be some empty destinations for a few months as we haven’t visited them yet! Afterwards, look to the bottom of the home page.


We use instagram for photos on the go, that we snap with our iPhone’s. This should give you a near up to date glimpse of the most recent wonders we’ve seen. If you click on any of the Instagram images, it takes you through to a more detailed page, where you will be able to pin point our location and see some fun stats.


These are the exciting pages. Here you can keep up to speed with all that we have been doing. We’re going to try and post as often as possible so keep an eye out for regular updates.

About Tom & FI

This is more for those of you that don’t know about us. We’re assuming our friends and family are pretty clued up already. Here you can see some of the reasons for our travel experience, as well as seeing what we do when we’re not globe trotting.


This one is exciting. Using the photos we upload, they are pulled right through to our site, so we can easily share them with you all. We don’t want to post thousands of photos, but here, you’ll find some of our best shots that we feel deserve being featured on Be sure to view the slideshow too, it’s a great way to quickly flick through our adventure.

Message Us

For anyone who doesn’t have our direct emails, drop us a line on here to say hi or hell, if you’re at a loose end, why not come and join us!

We hope you all enjoy the posts over the coming months, we’ll be sure to keep this as up to date as possible. If you don’t see regular posts, assume we are having waaaay too much fun or have had our MacBook stolen. Fingers crossed not the latter!