Mar 23

We are all packed, organised and ready for our first stop…Los Angeles

Unbelievably, that time has come already. It’s the eve of our travels and at this point we are full of excitement and nerves of the unknown.

Excited, because we’re about to embark on what will be the adventure of a life time. Nervous, because of the unknown, especially at the beginning of our trip when we arrive in a bustling Los Angeles at 8pm. Then the inevitable sadness of saying goodbye to our friends and family. But hey, its only 6 months and this is why we’ve created this website – to make you all feel like you’re experiencing a little bit of everything with us, even if you’re not actually here.

This last week has honestly been quite surreal for both Fi and I. Fi has suddenly slowed down from working flat out for the last few years and typically got a cold, whereas I’ve had a gradual wind down with my freelance and taken up a part time role visiting Chiropractors. We’ve both been filled with a bit of apprehension, as it’s only now that we’ve come to realise this is actually happening! Having both worked so hard to make this happen and of course, none of this would have been possible without our amazing families and all their support (free beds and food for quite some time!).

After a solid week of organisation, we can both sit back and breath a sigh of relief that everything is ready and embrace what lies ahead. Bags are packed – it’s amazing how we have the same amount of clothes that you would take on 2 week holiday! All documentation organised and passports all but glued to our hands.

We’re off to Heathrow tomorrow morning. Both of us have done our fair share of flying in the past, so we shouldn’t have too many problems. When we get across the pond and a bit settled, we will write the next post and inform you all of our safe arrival. Until then, love to everyone and bon voyage!

We will miss you all very much.

Love Tom and Fi xxx

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