Aug 16

Hot and sweaty in ‘KL’ with awesome food, skyscrapers and cheeky monkeys

This will be short and sweet. We’ve built up quite a back log of blogs since getting into Asia, so before our hectic tour starts, we wanted to get all our memories down.

We had booked up this secret hotels jobby on last, so we were pretty excited to see our unknown hotel. The bus dropped us off somewhere in the city, we had no cash on us to grab a cab, so we had to ingnore all the cabbies trying to get us to ride with them and walk it instead. It was so hot and sweaty, I stupidly was wearing a vest top, so my bag ripped my shoulders up a bit. After we sat down to take a rest, the heat was stifling, Tomo took my main bag for the last mile…hero! After about 30 minutes admiring the city, we already loved it. The vibe was a little less clinical than Singapore, a bit more raw but still very modern, with the Petronas Towers looking down upon us.

The secret hotel booking had paid off. It was pretty amazing, great views of the city, a/c, a huge bed with a bath! I hadn’t had one of them in a while! The next morning we woke with our Lonely Planet ‘to do list’ at the ready and explored the city on the monorail and on various train lines. It was boiling waiting for the monorails and walking outside, so we just slowed our pace right down.

We found an awesome food court where we tried various hot teas, steamed dishes and found a super cheap teppanyaki bar where we ate most nights. £3 for steak, bok choi, bean sprouts, rice and mushroom soup, all cooked in an amazing garlic, soy, chilli marinade! We also found Toast Box. Our sort of favourite breakfast, except for the eggs – hard boiled doesnt exist, so you kind of have to down them – the coconut toast and how they make the coffee is awesome though. Tomo also picked this cute looking rice ball wrapped in leaves, on opening it, there were lots of little fish heads…nice surprise for breakfast! In this mall they also had a great little sweet shop that made all the rock sticks in front of you, amazing to watch. Lots of food porn!

KL gave us the time to get a little organised with our imminent return home, like looking for jobs, where we want to live and so on. We had a desk, fast internet and our own space, so it was good to do this for a few days. We also spent the morning by the pool and it was nice to do some proper exercise.

In the evenings, we spent time wondering the pretty park beside the Petronas Towers. It has a proper running track surface in it. God knows how they run in the humidity though!

Petronas was as we expected from seeing it in Misson Impossible, two almighty,  industrial, agressive towers dominating the sky. One of the best views we have seen is the Petronas Towers at night. It really comes to life and looks even more spectacular – we hadn’t envisaged being so blown away by something so man made.

On another day in KL, we went to Batu Caves – we took the train there instead of opting to go with a tour, its all easy enough to do on your own. It’s only around £1 for the train and then free for entry to the caves – so we’d of been fools to take a tour. You are welcomed by hundreds of steps which lead you up to the caves.

Outside we spotted our first monkey of the trip – with a baby! The walk to the top is a killer on the legs and as per usual, we forgot to buy any water for the day, so had to get a drink at the top.

This is where there were a ton more monkeys. They are pretty confident fella’s and once in the cave, you feel you are in their home! They will take what they want. As one tried to get my drink, I gave it up too easily, gutted, as I was seriously thirsty.

Fights ensued with the monkeys over this drink, how they opened it was amazing, but they all seemed to be hooked and buzzing on Gatorade. Tom even witnessed one holding its tail up like a gun to the public and they do sign language to each other, signalling when they have food. On the way back to the train, I stopped of at the little henna stand and a super talented girl inked me up in a matter of minutes. Henna lasted a couple of weeks.

In summary, we loved KL and although just a flying visit to Malaysia, we would have loved to see more of the country. One day!

More blogs to follow soon. Lots of love Fi & Tom xxx